Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm having trouble being thankful at the moment.  I'm mostly just stressing over the Holidays and all I "have to do."  I need to rectify my attitude.  So in an attempt to do that I am going to do an overly cliche and trite list of what I am thankful for. 

Count you blessings, name them one by one.  Count your blessing see what God had done.  Count your blessings...name them..one...by..one.... Count your many blessings see what God has done.

I am thankful that...

  • I am married to my best friend.  A man who totally knows how crazy I am and actually likes me anyway!
  • I have a totally cute, smart, and mostly well behaved child.
  • Said child is healthy and normal despite his rough start.
  • I have a warm, secure house.
  • I have so much stuff that said house is pretty trashed all the time.
  • I now have a dishwasher because without it it would be more trashed than it is now.
  • I have a job, that while might pay less than other jobs, its laid back enough that I am doing this.
  • 98% of the time I love my job.
  • the other 2% is usually just due to me being spoiled by said job.
  • I have a bunch of online friends, that I can say are really and truely my friends and "get" me.
  • that even though my family kinda drives me crazy sometimes I have family.
  • I don't have to travel long distances to see said family.
  • I have two cats that are an awesome fit for our family.
  • I have two dogs that make our life interesting to say the least
  • I have farm fresh eggs right out my back door from hens lovingly tended to by a loving hubby.
  • I have farm fresh milk from a cow that I know her name (Haggatha).
  • I have a nice, new, pretty, red car, just like I wanted.
  • I have a nifty "smart phone" in a cutsey pink cover, also just like I wanted. 
  • I have two deep freezers and a basement pantry full of food.  
  • I know how to cook and enjoy cooking and utilize said skill frequently.
  • I go to small church and I can name every person and where they sit.
  • our pastor's wife shares our pew and doesn't mind (and actually enjoys) helping me with Isaac. 
  • my church loves me and my child and doesnt mind his occasional 2yr old antics.
  • I have a washer and dryer in my home, otherwise house would be even worse!
Ok...sure there are more but I have to work now...


Claire said...

What a super post! I need to do this :)


Jen said...

Blogging dork confession: I was really excited about this week because I knew there would be a ton of thankful posts, and I love those! It's so great to see what people hold dear to them, so thanks for posting!

Janine said...

I'm going to do this too! Loved reading yours! *Hugs*

Calgaroo said...

OMG!..I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..