Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay, after this mornings post, its time for something fun.  The latest cute things my child has done.

  • At church Sunday we decorated our Chrismon tree (Curious as to what that is? Click Here)  SOme of the Chrismons were Hearts, Stars, and Lambs.  When each of those were displayed Isaac made sure the entire church knew it was a "Haart" a "Tar" and a "ba baa".
  • He also sang along with Christmas songs, particularly the "Boooorrrrnnnn" part of Silent Night.  (ya know "Christ the Savior is Born" )
  • He looked like SUCH a little man Sunday.  I'll post pics when I get them off my camera.  I swear he looked all of 3 or 4.  Really.  
  • He also demanded that the "tree ON!" when the lights got turned off for the Chrismon service...  and when they were turned on he yelled "YAY!"
  • We set up our Christmas decorations.  I left a small (cheap) Nativity Scene down where he could reach it, playing with the Nativity was one of my favorite memories.  So far every one has kissed baby Jesus, and gave him rides on their shoulders, from which he fell and yelled "WOAH"  And the sheep said "baa baa"
  • Everytime Isaac gets to a closed door, or a barrier he proclaims "Gate LOCKED!"  (this included my leg keeping him from leaving the pew in church, which he tells everyone loudly.)
  • His favorite song is "Winkle Winkle little Tar"  And after he sings that part he sings the rest really fat so he can get done.  He sings all the time.