Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I really like my family. 
First is was just Klay and me.  We met each other and really liked each other.

 November 2004
So we had a wedding.  It was pretty.  I liked it.  I always wanted to get married.

March 19, 2005

Then we decided we needed a baby.  This baby thought we were SO awesome and couldnt wait to be with us he was born three months early.  It was rough but we were a family so we made it.

Our first family pic.  August 5, 2008

Baby grew bigger and finally came home.  We like being a family.

October 2008

We do stuff together as a family.  Like walk and raise money for the March of Dimes.

April 2009

Artist rendering, April 2010

And go play in fields of Daffodils.  And meet up with cool people we know.

March 2010
(Photo taken by same nurse who took first family photo above)

We also like to read books.  Yes, sometimes in our back yard.

October 2010

Sometimes Isaac isnt sure if he's so crazy about these folks that are his family.  But he'll come around.

But he knows we love him.  And he knows we are wrapped around his little fingers.

We like being a family.  We are happy.  Three is a good number.  (of course I wouldnt complain with the number four, or even five, but we'll take what we are given).  


Nicole said...


Nicole said...

What a wonderful post Erin. You are beautiful and I love your family pictures. They really do show all the love you all have for one another.

Claire said...

Such a lovely post!


Jen said...

Great post Erin :)
I love your family photos, you have a great family :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

You're so cute Erin. "I like my family." ha ha!

Great pictures.

Jeanie said...

You are such a beautiful and close family. So darn sweet!