Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween has come and gone.  I know a lot of Christians are pretty controversial about Halloween.  While I don't "celebrate" Halloween and make a big deal out of it, I must say in the past couple years I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  This year I went home last night say "Halloween was AWESOME"  We had the BEST time.  Seriously!  (and we didn't worship Satan once!)  I mean seriously, can a "holiday" where you dress your kid up as cute as can be and parade him around to family collecting candy be all bad?  Then after that going to another family members house for a little party, very family themed, just roasting hotdogs, marshmellows, playing outside and more candy!  Night was wrapped up with one LONG hayride winding through the field.  With a few big kids "scaring" the riders.  However, Isaac was NOT scared.  I'd ask him "Isaac, whats out there?" His response..."Hay!"  Yes, it WAS a hay field!

And I must add, he was THE. CUTEST. DRAGON. EVER!  So yes, we "celebrated" Halloween, and Yes, it was amazingly fun!



Jen said...

Fanstinkingstastic. I LOVE that costume!

Nicole said...

So glad you guys had fun!!! When Eric is old enough we'll take him out trick or treating if he wants to.

Jen said...

I just love your little dinosaur!
Glad yall had fun time :)