Monday, November 8, 2010


My family needs a routine.  We are horrible managers of our time.  It makes us stressed and overwhelmed and then it gets worse.  Sure we are busy folks, with us both working, but we really don't have much else going, we don't have ballgames, meetings, and stuff like that.  I feel like our biggest setback on getting Isaac potty trained and in a good bedtime routine is our lack of schedule and routine.  Our home is chaos...we let the house get messy until we have to clean it up, I nearly always cook dinner but I am usually stressed about what to make.  Bedtime is when ever we get so tired we crash. Laundry gets done when we run out of clothes, making for some stressful mornings getting ready for work.  Hubs stays home with Little Man on Mondays and Fridays, so those days this schedule is pretty much for me as far as mornings go.  However, we are also hoping this helps Daddy get out the door quicker on days he goes in to work, thus allowing us to carpool, thus saving us money and making us more money by him getting more hours.  (For clarification, he is a self employed computer consultant who works via contract..translation...FLEXIBILITY)  

So in an attempt to get us "in order" I am drafting a "Family Schedule." we are...presenting our family schedule.  (Open to critique!)  

Daily Schedule

6:00 AM Rise and Shine!
6:00-7:00 Daddy chore time
Mommy and Isaac shower and get dressed
7:00-8:00 Daddy shower and get dressed
Mommy and Isaac fix breakfast
8:00-8:30 Eat breakfast/gather up stuff to leave
8:30 Out the Door!!

6:00pm Get home!
6:00-7:00 Daddy chore time.
Mommy fix supper
Isaac Play time
7:00 Suppertime!
7:30-8:00 TV time, playtime, pick up supper dishes,
8:00 Bath, brush teeth, in Pjs
8:30-9:00 Quiet time (reading, quiet chores, etc.)
9:00 Isaac's Bedtime
10:00 Mommy and Daddy Bedtime

For clarification...Daddy's chore time is bringing in firewood, tending chickens, feeding animals, etc.  As well as any work stuff he may have to get done.  

The evening time frames are flexible, we sometimes get home sooner than 6:00.  Sometimes eat earlier than 7:00.  Biggest stickler I want to have is everyone getting ready for bed at 8:00 and winding down.  At this time I can do laundry or other stuff, Isaac can play some more, Daddy can do some work if needed, just getting the house calm.  By 9:00 I want to get Isaac to laying down, this may take 30 minutes or more to get him to sleep, but so be it.  And for myself...I can't stay  away much past 10:00...ever.  And after Isaac is asleep Mommy and Daddy can do whatever...even watch "grown up" TV shows or what not.