Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Holy cow, my kid is almost TWO!  In like two weeks he'll be TWO, which means in a few months I'll be saying I have an almost three year old!  Which means he'll start Kindergarten soon, then be graduating highschool, and then have GIRLFRIENDS (okay, so he already hugs and kisses on the girl at church).  ACK!  Stop the clock!  This is going too fast! =)

Okay, now for cute pictures...

Isaac on day 3 (we were too overwhelmed for pics on days 1 and 2)

Headed home at 2 Months old

Turning ONE!

18 Months

Almost two!

We will be celebrating the big day with a cookout on the creek with a fishing themed party (including actual fishing!)


Jeanie said...

You're so right -- it does go so fast, doesn't it? Two is a great age at least for our kid. I'm glad Isaac will be joining the two-year-old club soon! Yippee!! (And the fishing party theme WITH FISHING looks like the perfect party for him!)

Congratulations, Erin!

Chelsea Rae said...

Oh Erin Isaac has come so far! Seeing that picture of him in the NICU and then the ones oh him playing in the water... he is SO cute!

I agree, it all goes so fast. I keep trying to make Luke stay young but he just keeps getting bigger!

Nicole said...

His 2 month picture is just sooooo cute!!!! It's awesome to see how much he's grown in the last almost 2 years!

Jen said...

Oh man, and then college and then picking a major you hate and then....not to mention how TALL he'll be! Sorry. Hooray for big boy parties!