Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm not married to a romantic.  I dont get flowers or jewlery for "no reason".  Heck, I dont get flowers at all and only have gotten jewelery twice, my wedding set and an anniversary ring I BEGGED for because I had outgrown said wedding set.  He doesnt cook for me, wait...does ramen count?  But ya know what?  I'm okay with that.  Actually I'm MORE than okay with that.  He's my best friend.  I really really enjoy the COMFORTABLENESS that comes with being married to my best friend.  Oh sure, we have our romantic interludes at an acceptable level (and we'll leave that there), dont get me wrong.  But I really enjoy not having the pressure of being too romantic.  I like knowing I can tell him anything and it doesnt matter.  And I DO tell him anything and everything, too much sometimes he claims.  But thats how I am, I WANT him to know every detail about my day, whether he wants to or not.

Of course there are days where I think, I wish he'd bring me flowers and chocolate to work "just because".  Or I'll think, it would be nice if he'd fix me dinner when I am tired instead of saying "you can go get something if you want."    But generally, I dont mind.

But dont get me wrong, he IS sweet to me.  Like when he walked in the office 5 minutes to 5:00 one day we rode together because he had bought me ice cream and was afraid it would melt before I got off to eat it.  And bigger stuff, like when Isaac was in the hospital he gave up his time to hold him because he said I needed it more.  And the nights he sleeps on the couch with Isaac because he knows I'm tired and Isaac is fussy.

Then there are the days I want to bonk him on the head.  Like when I come home from work on "Daddy Days" (where he stays home with Isaac) and NOTHING has been done because he's "watching the boy."   

But its ok.  He's my friend.  And I dont just LOVE him, I actually kinda like him a little.  Okay, alot...most of the time. ;-P

I really like being married to my friend. Its kinda nice.


Okay, so most of these pics are old.  We dont have many pics together. 


Julie said...

There are so MANY aspects of our lives that are the same it's down right scarey! LOL!

TammyIsBlessed said...

So sweet. :)

Claire said...

Such a sweet post!


Jen said...

That's very sweet Erin!
Its pretty cool to be married to your best friend :)
My hubby is like yours not very Romantic with flowers or chocolates or something but he has randomly showed up at my work one day with a yummy milkshake :P