Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Its time for some Isaac-isms.  Here is what little man is up to lately.

* He LOVES corn on the cob.  When I was putting it in the freezer the other day he kept snatching ears and hiding to eat them.  Luckily he stayed with Daddy the next day so he got the enjoyment of THOSE diapers after three raw ears of corn.

* He finally overcame his fear of the slide and climbs up and slides down. Exclaims "do it 'gin" and repeats.

* We MUST moo (or "oooo") at every cow we see, and we live in the country so thats alot of "ooo"-ing.

* He likes to throw his "bop" (Ball) for the dog.

* We thought about potty training but he prefers to wear the potty seat on his head as he runs through the house exclaiming "HAT!"

* At VBS he really got into the songs with motions.  He would throw his hands over his head and yell "GOD!!!" 

* Oh and he was a great helper, when the kids would get loud and the adults would try to get them to be quiet, Isaac would turn to the crowd and yell "BE QUIET!!!" then grin with obvious pride over his task.

* Here lately he loves helping wash dishes.  The worst that can happen is that he pours soapy water on my floor that is sticky from the Kool Aid he poured out earlier.

* The kid could live "out-si" if we'd let him.

* Following the start of hay season, all trucks and "traccers" must be pulling some type of equipment.  We recently had to develop a way for his ride on truck to pull the wagon so he could haul his hay (blocks).

* He loves to talk on the phone, with his head cocked to the side he he'll wonder around casually yakking up a storm.  We'll occassionally hear "Really?"  "WOW" and then "bye bye"

* We love eating "bops" (Balls) also known as watermelon, blueberries, apples, oranges, anything round and fruity.

* The other night he re-told me the story of the Three Bears.  He would jabber incoherently then say "mama, papa, baby, bear"  then jabber, then I'd hear "yummmm mmmm mmm" (eating porridge) then "ni ni" (sleeping in their beds). 

* He loves watching (and copying) "cook" on TV (also known as Food Network).

I love my kid.


Jen said...

He is such a cool kid :)

Julie said...

Love it! Too cute that boy!!