Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm in an opinionated mood today, this week if you havent been able to tell by my blogs. I guess I am tired of bowing to doing what every one thinks I should do/say/think. I feel like I've just learned to stand up for myself and am doing it. However, on the flip side I feel very confrontational and am hoping I stay out of trouble.

I am utilizing my blog for this purpose. I decided its MY blog. You read it by choice. And it should be a safe place to express my opinion. But yet, in the back of my mind I worry about offending people who read it. Go figure. I'm so wishy-washy.


Jen said...

Sorry, but this cracked me up. Especially the part about being confrontational, but not wanting any trouble! You can't have it both ways, my dear. Sometimes it turns out that people agree with you and it's a totally gratifying surprise, and sometimes you catch you-know-what. In real life. Do what you want because you're right--it is your blog.

Elisa Rush said...

You just need to line yourself up with God. If you do that, the proper confrontation or "bowing" will follow.

It's not offensive to see into your heart in your blog... it's beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.