Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mowing your rock and limb ridden yard on a rickety riding lawn mower with your kids wagon tied behind it with a string and your three kids piled in the wagon, arms hanging over the sides is a BAD IDEA!!!

It is NOT a "good daddy trying to spend time with his kids"
It is NOT just being "country kids and doing fun stuff"
It is NOT safe because if they fell out the mowing would go away from them.
It is NOT safe because he is driving slow.
Rocks can STILL fly up and hit them.

I CANNOT believe people think this is a good or okay idea. Seriously.

Am I being THAT uptight? Does everyone really see this as ok?

(For the record, not his is not us, its our wonderful neighbors.)


Claire said...

Oh man. That sounds crazy!


Jen said...

I know a man who lets his little 4th grade boy mow the lawn with a riding lawn more on the side of a big hill... very dangerous!!! Some people are not the brightest crayon in the crayon box!

Nicole said...

Some people shouldn't be parents...