Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day

I am Erin.
I have PCOS.
I took 5 "rounds" of Clomid.
I took 5 months of Metformin.
I had blood drawn once a month.
I had an HSG.
I got pregnant.
I took progesterone.
I went into labor at 28 weeks (7 months).
I never had a third trimester.
I have given birth without any medication.
I commuted to Little Rock (2 hours) for 63 days.
I now know what Retinopathy of Prematurity is.
I now know what Patent Ductus Arterious is and the sugerical procedure to fix it.
I now know what a Level III Intraventicular Hemorrage is and what it means.
I know what a Bradycardia is.
I know what the abbreviations for all those terms are and can use them easily.
I have rejoiced and cried over a poopy diaper.
I have been spit up on
I have been pooped on.
I have had my nose chewed on.
I have had my earrings pulled out.
I have sat and watched a baby sleep.
I have heard the sweet sound of "ma-ma-ma" (and what I think is "I lub U")
I am Erin.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, young and old. Women longing to be Mothers. Mothers to be. Mothers to 4-legged furry children. Mothers of lots of children. Mothers of just one. Mothers of sick babies. Mothers celebrating in NICUs. Mothers celebrating their 1st Mothers Day. Mothers celebrating their 40th Mothers Day. Mothers celebrating with several generations of mothers. Adoption Mothers. Foster Mothers.

My first time holding my little one.


Nicole said...

Happy Mother's Day Erin!

There are so many different kinds of Mother's out there. Maybe one day my kid will have 2 legs instead of 4 lol. Actually... my bird only has 2 legs, but she doesn't count :P

Erin said...

Then you also have your no legged pets too!

Jessica Morris said...

That was beautiful Erin :)
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Nicole said...

Oh yeah! Can't forget the snakes lol

Claire said...

Erin, that was beautiful! I wish you the happiest of Mother's Days!


Jen said...

What a beautiful post Erin!
Happy Mother's Day to you :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Catherine said...

Aww, thanks for recognizing moms of fur babies. :)

LydeeC said...

Wow Erin! Belated Happy Mothers Day to you. I have a 7 week old (man they grow up quick!), and I thought I had problems (he's mr.gassy + no poop for 3 days so I'm really crabby & then have huge blow out ... ) ... I certainly have not come through as many challenges as you have had to. This is amazing. Thank you so much for putting up this blog. You are amazing, and your baby is so beautiful :o).