Tuesday, July 24, 2012

B is for Bee/Butterfly/Brown Bear

The letter B got short changed a bit between stomach bug, VBS, and Peach Festival.  However, he already was familar so I feel confident moving on.

We started the week with watching Magic School Bus episode on Bees.  We counted bees, we colored butterflies, we read Brown Bear (and pointed out all the letter B's), we ate honey!  (Pet peeve of beekeeper hubby, why do all the bee stuff have WASP NESTS for beehives...lol)

Our biggest challenge is him learning patterns, he is really struggling with the concept of what comes next, but we are still working on it and I'm sure he'll get it.  He's sitting here right now gluing and copying a pattern of CANDY!  (C is for Candy!)    And off to count some M&Ms...colors, numbers, letter C...its all good!! Maybe we should also make COOKIES!

Letter C will also get a bit shortchanged when we revisit B for BIRTHDAYS!  Yes, its birthday week!  We'll soon have a 4 year old and a 1 year old!  (Stay tuned for birthday posts!!)

Also have a speech therapy evaluation this week, while he has an amazing vocabulary and talks no stop most people have trouble understanding him so we'll see if he needs a little help!