Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things I Do That Are "Weird" Part 2: Make My Own Baby Food

Things I Do That Are Weird Part 2: Make My Own Baby Food

But why not? Its easy.  Its cheap.  And I KNOW whats in there.  Never seen a recall on it.  James loves it.

Here is what I do..

Buy some fruits and veggies, or grow them (bought these by the way).

 Peel and chop them up! 
 Cook them, I boil mine until soft. You could microwave or bake, whatever.
 I use a Baby Bullet, but any blender, food processor, or such would work.  You could probably even hand mash if you felt like it.
 Add cooked veggie...
 And puree!  If its too thick add some water, I use the cooking water because it still has the veggie "goodness" in it!  We leave ours pretty thick right now.
 One medium sweet potato.  Filled up enough for 4 jars. 
 And the apples...once big brother stopped snatching them. 

 Two medium apples, enough for three jars.  (I'm using a nifty silicon tray thingie that came with my Baby Bullet, but even an ice cube tray does the job.)

 Some goes in the jar in the fridge (these cool jars came with the Baby Bullet but there are lots of options)

Some go in the freezer for later.  Fridge good for about 3 days, freezer for about 30.

You can even use canned veggies.  Super easy.  No cooking involved!

Just dump, and puree.

One can of peas made four jars of baby food! 

 See, James LOVES it.

 Licked clean!!

This all took 10 -15 minutes total...really no time at all.  When I first thought of doing this I thought it would be so time consuming, but really its not.  And its very fulfilling to know that I know EXACTLY what is in my baby's food.  Plus when the garden starts coming off even better, I will GROW and make his food.  And I can easily control the thickness and now we are starting to leave some chunks in there, its great!


NicMic said...

If people in your area think you are weird for making your baby his own food...then they are insanely lazy! Good for you! It's so easy to make, you know what's in it, it can be frozen into ice cubes and used later (even for travel)and... we make food for ourselves so why not our baby who needs the best nourishment?! Good job!

Happy Kid City said...

That's not weird at all! It's so much cheaper and your baby isn't getting those nasty preservatives. Keep up the good work.

sj3339sta said...

Making your own baby food really is a lot easier than many people think. And of course, there is more nutritional bang for the buck there because it is made fresh.

The Baby Bullet thing looks cool. We just have a Ninja blender.

Robyn said...

Hi, just happened upon your blog of a blissful family. Just precious. Just wanted to say that you may want to rethink the canned vegetables for baby (or anyone). Happy parenting, you're doing a great job.