Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things I Do That Are "Weird" Part 1: Cloth Diapers

"Things I Do That Are Weird"

Part 1: Cloth Diapers

When Isaac was a baby I was totally intriged by cloth diapers.  They were so cool, so cute, and so good for the baby.  But Isaac came early and I just flat out didnt have time to figure it all out.  Well then I had three years then James was born.  Still early, but I had more time to think about it.  And a friend offered to get me started.  I was hooked right away.  Must.buy.more.poop.holders! 

I was surprised to find that it was not nearly as much work as I thought it would be. Not nearly as gross as i thought it would be.  And it was even cuter than I thought it would be. 

So here is my set up, what I have, what I do, what I like and do not like.  Now please, keep in mind I am NO expert on this, I am ever asking questions, most are probably dumb, of my online cloth diaper geniuses.  If you have real questions that I dont know, please let me know I'll refer you right along!

I have a wide mixture of stuff because when my friend got me started she gave me enough stuff to learn what I liked and disliked.  Then I could buy more..and more...and more.  Seriosuly...all the cuteness...Huggies can just move over! 

Here is all the fun stuff!

 First cloth diaper lesson.  Pocket diapers.  I have several of these.  They are diapers that have a pocket to stuff in the absorbent stuff.  They wash and dry easy because they come apart.  The ones I have are FuziBuns (left) and BumGenius (right).  I have a lot of FuziBuns because I got a killer deal from a friend.  I really like them, the lining is nice and absorbent.  The BumGenius fit good but I find I have to double stuff them.  But I use FuziBun liners in them, works great!

 I also use good old fashioned prefolds and flats.  Basically these are diapers like you think of with cloth.  The kind that use diaper pins.  Except diaper pins are out dated...I use a Snappi!  And you can buy super cute covers for these.  They are also really absorbent so I don't have as many leaks and work good through the night!

These are two of our favorite covers!!

Prefolds, flats, and covers.                                                       Snappi!  


This is how a Snappi works.  Then put on a cover!


Also have some Hybrids.  GrowVias and Hiney Lineys.  The GrowVias I can snap in their liner, use a disposable liner, or use them just as a cover.  And these diapers are CUTE.  (The airplane ones).  The Hiney Lineys I dont think I'm a fan of, maybe they'll work better when James is bigger but I have a lot of leaks with them.  Good idea, but they just dont work good for us. 

I have been asked stuff like...What do you do when they poop?  Um...dump it in the toilet, rinse if needed and put in dirty bag.  Not that complicated.  I don't touch poop anymore than I would with disposables.  Its not that big of a deal  I used to think..Oh the LAUNDRY!  I only have to wash about once a week.  And its easy..dump in washer, run a cold rinse, run a heavy hot wash/cold rinse load with diaper detergent (needs to be stuff without softeners and such...I use a free and clear I buy at Walmart), then I run an extra rinse that I sometimes add vinegar to.  Then I hang dry my covers on a $6 drying rack from Walmart and throw the rest in the dryer, high heat, 90minutes.  That's it.  Not too big of a deal.  

Tell me that rear isn't cute!!  A Mickey Mouse Huggies can not compare!


He loves his cloth diapers!!  


Christine Roosa said...

are you using the diaper sprayer?

Erin said...

I am. Most of his poos are pretty firm so I dont have to use it all the time. I should have mentioned it, no picture since I'd have to scrub the bathroom first!!