Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Not Supermom

 Please don't tell me how strong I am.
Please don't tell me to "hang in there."
Please don't tell me how everyday is closer to bringing him home.

Just let me cry.  Just let me scream.  Just let me miss my baby without feeling like I have to be a superhero.  I'm not strong and perfect.  I'm a very tired, very frustrated mama who misses her baby very much.  A mama who has a baby who really doesn't feel like my own.  A mama who leaves one baby for the other.  A mama who in her head knows all the "facts" but a mama who in her heart feels like the world is falling apart and will never be whole again.  A mama who's stamina is about gone and kinda feels alone...

Also a mama who nearly cries every time she talks to her due date buddies because there is a possibility they'll have babies home before she does, even though her baby is2 1/2 months old.