Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hopefully the snow is gone, loved the days home with family but ready for Spring.  The freshness of Spring, new life, new beginnings.  I'm tired of Winter, in a literal and figurative sense.  I'm tired of feeling dead.  I want to feel alive and rejuvenated. 

I'm excited for Spring.  It brings good things.  Friends having babies.  Easter.  Our Anniversary(6 years).  March for Babies (see my side bar if you'd like to donate!).  And maybe even wonderful things we don't know about yet. 


On spend thingy...we spent..but not bad.  I've been cleaning and organizing and needed stuff to finish projects...picture frames, totes.  Klay needed some garden tools. 


DebbieLynne said...

Spring can't come soon enough!

Jen said...

I am ready for spring too!!

Janine said...

I am excited for Spring too!! But nervous about the summer. We're already in the 70's... I'm scared to think how hot it will be in July. We barely got any snow or rain. We need it bad.