Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Spend Month

Per my friend Jen's inspiration, I'm going to attempt a "no spend" month.  However, I am not sure how successful we'll be as we keep looking for/making exceptions. 

Obvious exceptions: 

  • Groceries.  You gotta eat.  Plan to try to keep them at a minimum, not that I don't already.
  • Gas.  Gotta get to work.
  • Bills.  Gotta pay those.
  • Animal food. 
  • Prescriptions.
  • Gifts for stuff like showers, birthdays, etc.  Dont have any on the horizon and we aren't big V-Day people so...
  • Lunches...packing lunches is ideal...doesnt always happen.  Try our best.
Other possible exceptions:
  • Super awesome deals that you can NOT pass up.  
  • Garden tools.  Klay is needing certain tools to get our garden going, so "stuff from co-op" will not count.
Things I'm wanting to get already but am fighting the urge.  
  • More yarn.  I'm mid scarf for Isaac (planning ahead for Christmas) and I"m bored.  I have yarn for a market bag but I've tried it and keep getting confused.  I should just work on my current projects.
  • Isaac' valentines.  Does he have people to give them to?  No.  Will he even KNOW?  No.  So why?  Because I think they are cute.  Ugh!

Okay, so those lists aren't too bad.  February is a short month, we've already been snowed in one day of it already.  (OK, so it was only 40 degrees and raining but we had a THREAT of snow...and it started sleeting, and was getting did get cold...after the rain...don't judge!)

I'll try to "check in" on our progress as we go. 


Donna said...

Cool idea. I've thought about it for us. Hmmm...bad`month for us though, with birthdays galore.