Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thoughts for Today

These thoughts are random...I'm random today.

  • Shooting of Arizona Congresswoman.  Okay, why is everyone out to make this look like the conservatives fault?  The dude was a psycho who was an anarchist.  NOT a conservative.  And b/c the cross-hairs on Sarah Palin's map, targeting her district, looked like gun sights so therefore she is to blame.  Because, yes, I am SURE that dude was just worshiping Palin.  (Oh and I want to add....I'm not saying any of this to praise or put down Palin, quiet honestly I haven't made my mind up about her...I think she has some good ideas politically but I also think she is flakey...I think she COULD become something someday, but I think she is pushing it and getting the big head.)   
  • This makes me glad we don't have much TV any more...I'm getting my fill of the political spin with just the local channels.  Which we watched more than normal to keep up with our major "Winter Storm".
  •  I'm on Day 5 of my diet...I haven't cheated either.  Very proud of myself, hope to see some weight loss and improvement in my health.  Brother in Law comment on my "refusing" of bread when we were out to eat and how I was dieting...he said the "eat less exercise more diet is usually successful"  I bit my tongue but it made me mad really...yes, he's right...I just sit around eating candy and chocolate all day long.  I really should stop doing that.  And maybe when I get home rather than putting my feet up while my family waits on me I should exercise..I really should.  I mean its not like there are any medical reasons why I gain weight...like insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, etc.  None whatsoever.  I am perfectly healthy in that regard..I mean..taking 18 months to get pregnant then miscarrying is all normal, right?  (Not to mention going into labor at 28 weeks...NORMAL!?)
  • We bought Isaac a new movie this weekend.  He loves trains and since we have bought into the whole "licensed" stuff and got him Thomas trains I thought he should see a movie.  And I must say I am impressed.  In a world of kid's shows where all you have is random flashing bright colors and screaming and/or Spanglish, Thomas is a refreshing change.  Its calm, yet still entertaining.  And has themes like be useful, work hard, be proud of your work, help others, etc.  We will be purchasing more.
  •   We got our fish tank ready this weekend, really excited.  Buying goldfish on Thursday (Thursday is new fish day!).  
  • Adding more critters to our funny farm next weekend....GOATS! I am so excited!  I have been really wanting goats for a while and finally won out! 
  • Uumm...okay..thats all for now.  Carry on with your day.  I'll blog our SNOW DAY later!


Janine said...

I'm with you on the Palin thing. It's disgusting how the 'left' side blamed her 'rhetoric' when that's the VERY thing they were doing!!!!! Unreal. But, doncha know... since we're republicans and don't agree with Obama that we're TERRORISTS, right?


I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for sticking to your diet!! You GO GIRL!!!! So Proud!!!

Jessica said...

A word of warning about Thomas... some of them have scary characters (a bad "ghost train") and say stupid, shut up and hate. Weird words for a kids movie!! I haven't nailed down which ones say it and which don't, so for now I have put them all away... but I was really surprised when I figured out where the boys learnt the words from!

Oh - and Ross and TJMax had the Thomas trains on clearance for about $3 around C'mas! The little ones that fit on the track.