Tuesday, January 11, 2011

March for Babies

We are doing the March of Dimes March for Babies for the third year this year.  Been working on getting stuff all set up and beginning spamming people begging for donations.

But seriously, its a great cause and a great family day, well morning, it's usually done by noon.  If you are local to us we'd love you to come with us.  We'd also appreciate support far and wide.  You can donate securely and quickly online.  Would you consider it?  Would you also consider giving us a plug on your blog.  You can link the to this post or this blog or to our team page...  March for Babies Isaac's Team

You don't realize, until you've been there or known someone who has been through it how terrifying and serious a pre-term birth can be.  If you've had a baby, imagine all the great things about a newborn and your new baby....now take them away...that is what a preemie means.  Imagine that moment when your child was placed on your chest, the wonder and love you felt...take that away and add in feelings of fear about whether or not your child would live.  Take the waking up every few hours for late night feedings...keep the waking up several hours, but take away the snuggles with baby and add in a breast pump and phone calls to the NICU.

So please support us...lets work together so maybe some day no one will have to endure this.  Lets work together for technology to shorten the physical and emotional pain felt by parents and babies.  Lets work together to shorten NICU stays.