Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Musings

Had a productive weekend, though to look at my house you'd never know! 

Saturday I went to DAR then hit up Hobby Lobby and came home to work on the house so I could sew on Sunday.  I did a TON of laundry, seriously, I'd say roughly 10 loads.  All folded and put away, except for the sock basket...I hate socks.

Oh, ate out Saturday, didnt break the diet!  GO me!  At at Long John Silvers, got one of their grilled fish thingies, skipped the rice!  As of Saturday night I'm down 3.5lbs...oh and I made hubby and Isaac cookies and did not!  3 more days and I can add back whole grains.

Sunday following church I got to work.  Let Isaac run wild...hence the reason my house looks as it logs, trio blocks, train sets, flash cards...all over the living room....:-S  Got one sewing project finished.  One half way finished, waiting on embroidery to get done on it (I commission that out!).  And will start the other project tonight.  I feel pretty productive.

I have some other musings to ramble about but I have work to is slipping away much too quickly.