Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday...Weekend Agenda

Yay its Friday!  Just a few more hours.  Have a pretty full agenda this weekend....

  • DAR Meeting Saturday
  • Followed by a Hobby Lobby stop
  • Then I have to sew!!!
    • Baby Gift #1
    • Baby Gift #2
    • Purse for a "client"
    • Wallet for a "client"
    • Robe for me
  • Laundry...Lots of laundry
Baby gift recipients are a secret...but I'm so excited to make their stuff!!  And no one will have any idea who they are for because nearly every woman I know of child bearing age/capability is pregnant...oh except me that is...yeah...I'm okay with'll be talk about something else.

My diet...I'm on Day 8 of Phase 1 of South Beach.  That means just 6 more days of the "cleanse" to stabilize blood sugars and stuff (no bread, fruit, or starchy veggies).  Only one minor cheat when my friend unknowingly ordered sweet tea for me before I got there...didn't have the heart to send it back, felt like that would be kind rude.  So I didn't drink much, only what I needed to eat my meal (less than 1/2 glass) then a big chef salad.  My carb/starch/sugar cravings have lessened.  Lost about 1 1/2 lbs.  I feel better, less achey like I normally feel.  Energy level is pretty good.  Mood is pretty good.  Really ready to add back whole grains since I got a wheat grinder, 2 whole wheat bread making books, and a tortilla press for Christmas...


Kelly said...

Hey Erin, not all of us are "with child." Congrats on having a good week. Love the posts!!! :)

Erin said...

Be very might not want to get too

Jen said...

That's great your going to finally get to make your robe!
Your doing so great with your diet Erin!! I am glad your mood and energy levels are doing better and that is awesome you have a tortilla press.. thats very cool!
I think I need to get with the program and start eatting better then I do lol