Friday, November 12, 2010


Who loves freebies?  ME!  Who loves freebies for stuff you really need?  ME! Who loves pictures of the world's cutest kid?  ME ME ME (and of course that kid is mine!)

There is a promotion for bloggers to get 50 free Holiday cards.  And I am trying to get it!  I love doing photo Christmas Cards.  They started with me and the man setting up our camera on a tripod and posing with our dog in front of a black sheet.  Then we progressed to in front of the Christmas tree.  We'd usually take around 100 pics and end up with 3 that were ok.  Ok means we both look at camera, you can't see where the edge of the sheet is, both of our heads are in the picture, and its not too blurry.  Then it got easier when I could take a pic of a cute little baby dressed as Santa.  THEN it got harder when cute little baby became a toddler.  This year, however, we called in the pros...well my friend who wants to be a pro, and is well on her way.  She took our pics.  So for the first time ever we can have Christmas cards with a professional family photo!  No auto timer, tripods, or black sheets involved.  Just our smiling faces (and  a few m&ms to bribe the two year old!)  This year I can not wait to send our card out, and if I can get free cards, even BETTER!!  I've never used Shutterfly personally but have heard great things and can't wait to try out this deal!

If we get them here are the ones I'm looking at:

This is my favorite!

If you are a blogger you can get this deal too!  Its super easy.  Sign up by going to

Yay for free stuff!! Yay for pictures!  YAY!


Jen said...

Yay for free stuff! I just got my code for my photos, I cant wait to start making mine!