Friday, May 14, 2010


I feel inferior...I always have.  To everyone.  I feel like everyone around me sees me and thinks that I am ugly or fat or dumb or making bad choices.  I have always felt this way, I wont lie.  I can't recall a time in my life when I havent felt this way.  I dont like it.  I wish it would change. 

I'm not saying any of this for sympathy.  Or for anyone to come tell me I'm not fat/ugly/dumb/etc.  I'm just saying this to get it off my chest.

For some reason today I feel under attack.  It started out with just a simple "off" feeling day, but its progressing into me feeling depressed.  But its Friday so maybe it will get better.  I'm just so sick of feeling inferior, feeling like things just dont ever work out for everything I touch is either a failure, or ends up being "the hard way."   Seriously, nothing I have ever done has turned out "right" or gone smoothly.  I'm  just so sick of it.  For once I want something to be easy, to be "right", to not be a disaster.  Ugh.


Jen said...

I feel you. It happens to everyone and it's never, ever fun. And half the time it's not even legitimate. I've been struggling with the same feelings most of the week. I hope you can enjoy the weekend and take some time to remember that you're awesome.

Meg said...

((hugs))--there are many days when I feel the same.

Rachel said...

(((Erin)))) Don't let the devil discourage you and tell you those lies. You are a daughter of the King! :-) Love ya.

TammyIsBlessed said...

The ladies are so right. Those feelings are not legitimate, and are definitely not from God!

You are a daughter of the King.
You are an heir to the throne.
You are made in His image.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are precious in His sight.
You are able to approach the very throne of God.
God calls you His friend.
You are dearly loved.

Mom2Four said...

Oh, Dearest Erin, when you were chosen for the privilege of mothering your blessed Little One-your Gift From God-He told you in His loudest voice how wonderful you are. Hold that near to your heart with every breath you take. Don't let anyone in the world take that away. God doesn't make mistakes; you mothered Isaac to wholeness. You are so special. Jen's Mom