Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Better Day

My last post was depressing...lets blame in on PMS, a messy house, and lack of sleep...that makes me a not very nice person.  But thanks everyone for all the sweet comments, they all made me smile, some made me cry.  I love my friends.

I miss blogging...I read people's cool blogs and get all inspired to blog more...then log in and stare at the blank screen for a while...what do I blog about?  My life is pretty dull and I am not very good at making the mundane tasks of my day seem interesting. 

This past weekend I went to a Search Dog Training Seminar...that is interesting right?  Staying all weekend, outside (well the 'inside' parts were rock cabins where you could see daylight through the cracks). Did I mention I had a two year old in tow too?  Yeah...interesting.  You'd think it'd be the ladies at this kind of thing that would ooo and ahh over the cute was the men.  The 6+ft tall, intimidating looking (until you get to know them), men who would scoop him up and rock him to sleep.  Nice.


Jen said...

Two things:

1. Glad you're happier (and holy SMOKES, my mom's comment was so sweet! I went back and read the comments for the last post).

2. Men with babies....I can't stand it! That's a very nice story.