Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Not all women will know when they are in labor.
Please quit telling women this.
Please quit saying "Oh hun, you'll know when its the real thing..haha"
and "oh, real contractions you cant talk through"
and "oh your only 29/30/33/etc weeks, first baby's are always late"
Please just stop.
Premature birth is not fun.
It happens.
However, giving expecting mom's proper information could help reduce it.
So please, just quit talking....

Not trying to scare anyone or anything, but if someone had told me the TRUTH, things might have been a little different. But no, I though there was no way I was in labor at 28 weeks, my contractions werent "bad" enough.


Claire said...

I'm so glad you're sharing, sweetheart.


Sarah said...

I would have told you the truth, but ummm...someone didn't tell me you called!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH LOL

Truth is, if your gut says get checked out, go get checked out. Premature labor is rare, but it is still a real issue. You are right...all too often it is shoved under the rug as a "never gonna happen" type of thing, and the reality is, it DOES happen!!