Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finally a Blog

I haven't blogged in over a month. My newly one year old keeps me hopping!

I still havent blogged Isaac's first birthday and I apologize to all of my faithful followers. But in my defense I had a huge blog all written up, pics and all, then the power blinked and it was gone. No joke. And honestly, I've been too lazy to re-do it.

Right now we are in the process of trying to sell our house in Lamar. Shortly after Isaac was born we decided we wanted to be back in the country so he could be raised on a farm and so grandma's would be close by. So we moved into one of mom and dad's houses. Also being rent-free would be helpful in paying off all those medical bills! Two months in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is EXPENSIVE! We had gotten two offers but they were so low they wouldnt even meet our payoff, well yesterday we got a nice one. We didnt even counter offer! We accepted! I am still not going to breathe easy until we walk out of the closing room!

We got our FIRST egg from our hens the other day! I let Isaac have the honors. He loved it for breakfast!

This blog is rambly today, not nearly as "deep" as some of my others. Usually my blogs center around preemie/NICU stuff, however today...I feel like I may finally be healing. The one year birthday actually made a big difference. But I do think back to this time last year. This time last year when it was still very HOT (and its 60F here now!!) and we were driving back and forth to the hospital. This is Thursday, this time last year we would have probably been hitting the drive through, either Burger King or Subway, and heading to the hospital for our daily visit.

Here in a few weeks we will be in town so we are planning on taking Isaac in to say Hello. Actually, he doesnt say Hello, he throws up his little hand in a wave and says "Hey!" We do not wave Bye Bye, we just say "Hey!" He has been adding alot to his little vocabulary lately, he says "Mama" "Daddy" "Nannie" "Cat" "Dog" "Truck" "Bite" "Cookie" "Book" and of course "Hey" And unfortunately...."no no no no" :-S


Jen said...

This is lovely! And congratulations on eggs! Man, I love farm eggs.