Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cats Are More Fun

Cats are more fun than mom. At least Isaac thinks so .
Last night we were happily playing trucks in the floor.
I had the girl "Little People" and the purple Chuck Truck.
Isaac had the boy farmer "Little People" and the backhoe Chuck Truck.
We were both happily going "Brrrrmmmm"
Then the cat walks by, slinkily, with his tail held high.
I'm sure he smirked at me as he sauntered by.
Isaac stops, drops his toys and exclaims "CAT!!"
And was gone, into the other room chasing the "Cat!"
I sat bewildered with my purple truck and little girl.
Mama just got the blow off.

I followed him into the other room and said "Hey, what about me?"
He laughed and then chased the "Cat!" into the other room.
He played with the cat and I did dishes. =(
Until he decided it was time to rock "night night" and to have milkies...
No one has milkies like mama, not even the "Cat!"


Nicole said...

LOL when I was a kid and I had a choice to visit a human or an animal I always went for the animal. Sometimes I still go towards the animal ;o)