Friday, June 26, 2009

I miss you today

Dear Laurie,
I miss you today. I met a vehicle today I could have sworn the driver was you. I saw a lady in Walmart last week, I almost shouted your name. But I remembered you had gone home. It was about this time last year Amy and I visited you. You laughed because we almost got lost finding the hospital. You wrote my due date and Amy's wedding date on your calendar, you planned to attend both. However, you got called home before either date rolled around. Little did we know at that time Amy was pregnant too. I'm sure you would have found that hilarious, you always used to laugh at us because we were such goofballs. I miss you rolling your eyes at our silly antics. I'm sure however, you got to see it all from your new home. Amy's little Joey entered this world at almost the exact same time you left. It made for a very bittersweet day. We were sad that you were gone, but so happy you weren't in anymore pain.

Amy and I went to your funeral, both being newly post partum, the tears flowed like water. We were sad, the slideshow reminded us of the good times. They buried you in your Dallas Cowboys Jersey, just how we remembered you. You wore that thing all the time. I've never seen a girl so obsessed with Dallas Cowboys and Troy Aikman. But that made you you.

It was also bittersweet because all our old "gang" was there. We reconnected through the tears. You gave us a mini-reunion, though we wish you would have been there and we were all laughing, rather than crying.

You were too young, but I know God had a plan and wanted you home. But we miss you here. Can't wait to see you again. I wish we would have talked more in the last few years but I am glad we got to see you one last time.

Rest in peace, dear friend,

*Laurie is the one on the furtherst right. In the blue shirt. This was at my wedding shower in 2005. Laurie Criswell Kendrick lost her battle to lukemia on Sept. 8, 20008.


Nicole said...

((((Erin)))) that was lovely

Claire said...

What a beautiful post. Huge hugs to you.


Sarah said...

Don't you know you aren't supposed to make people cry in the

((((hugs)))) I can't imagine losing a friend like that.

Jen said...

((Erin)) That was a beautiful post.
Hugs to you!

Nicole said...

Oh (((((Erin)))))