Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose Scam


How sad. I just recently discovered this blog, didn't read much of it before it was "outed" and taken down. Is it REALLY a fake? Who knows, it looks that way. Its really very sad that people would scam people and mess with people's emotions and hearts that way. Why? For money? Attention? For fun? I know so many people who stayed up praying for this family. I don't think the prayers were "lost", God honors all prayers. But how many people cried and agonized over this family? How many people will become skeptical and not support real families who need help and prayer?

Additionally, as the parent of a preemie and child who was very ill at one point, I find the little scam offensive. A sick or dying child is NOT funny. I don't care who ya are. Having a sick child is heart wrenching, I know firsthand. As you all know, by my blogs, I haven't dealt with it well. I am still agonizing over it and my little one is considered "fine." And for someone to pretend and in a way poke fun of that, no matter what their motives, greatly offends me and really tees me off!

Maybe the blog was real. But to me the evidence points elsewhere. Mainly the fact that they sought out no medical intervention and help, even after the baby was defying odd and living. The baby was alive, but a baby with supposed medical problems, and that small, would have needed a neonatologist and a NICU. But the family didnt seem concerned with that? If I were told that my baby would die at birth, I would at least want medical staff to be prepared to do everything in their power to make him/her comfortable and if survival was a possibilty to try whatever was necceassary, but maybe thats just me.

Anyway, I have better things to do than worry with this but I thought it was blog worthy.

House update: Still no definite word on the house, we countered again. Not looking hopeful for a sell.


Sarah said...

I didn't follow that story either..just heard about it the other day and really didn't read much about it until today (when someone posted the link about it possibly being a fake).

It is very sad how these people could do a scam like this...very sickening!! Especially since they appeared to be Christians (from what I have read).

Catherine said...

There is a news article out now about this... http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/06/11/20090611BabyScam.html

Jen said...

The CF husband just wrote a good post on this:

My favorite part was that if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Sad.