Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Isaac is doing GREAT! He is getting milk now, a little more everyday. He is off the ventilator and they are starting to wean him off his nasal cannulas. His heart PDA is fixed (via a little surgery). His brain bleeding is getting better. He's my little miracle man and God working great things through this wee little man already.

And for your viewing pleasure...the little iMan.

Yummy Fingers!

Getting a milk swab so he can have a "taste"

Watching mama and holding my hand.


Di said...

Wow. The one of him holding your finger made me cry. Oh, Erin, I am sooo happy for you and so unbelievably PROUD of you!!!!! You are going to continue to be a great mom!!!


Claire said...

So beautiful sweetheart! He's such a treasure, and you and Klay are doing so amazingly! Thinking of you and praying for you.


Jen said...

Aww! He is so precious, and Im glad to hear he is doing good :)
I've been keeping yall in my prayers and I am happy for you!

Your a great Mommy!

Julie said...

What happy news! Great pictures of your beautiful boy!