Monday, February 11, 2008

Blue and Yellow with Puppies

Blue and Yellow. With sweet little puppies. Thats my nursery theme, boy or girl.

I found the cutest blue puppy fabric this weekend and bought a bunch of it. Here was interaction between me and the fabric lady.

Her: What are you making
Me: (Holding a pattern for nursery bedding) Baby Bedding!! (In my perky, tell the world I'm pregnant voice)
Her: For your dog?
Me: (confused look) Um...No....for a Baby.
Her: (looking at me like I'm an idiot) Oh.
Me: (pregnant lady hormones kicking in and I want to slit her throat with her scissors, then cry)

Oh, mom hates it too. Shes convinced its a girl and its gonna be dumb. She even bet me a $1 I was having a girl. All the more reason to pray harder for a boy, to prove her wrong.

Stay tuned for pics of my fabric and stuff!


MSBABY said...

I can't wait for pictures of the material that you picked out! The blue and yellow color scheme is one of my favorites and don't worry if you have a baby girl, you can add little touches for a girl and still keep your pretty fabric. Please mail your pics of the baby's nursery in to our baby photo contest when your done! Congratulations!