Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Last night Klay convinced me to sit down and watch NCIS with him. Not a bad show, I semi-like it. And as everyone know, I am currently obsessed about this whole baby thing. Well last night we were watching the show and the plot quickly turns to a formerly pregnant woman who had died (the victim they found) so the whole plot turned to be about finding the baby. At this point Klay heard me sigh and glare at the tv, like it was the TV set's fault for my pain. Then they plot twists around and such that she was a surrogate and such and the comment comes out "She just wanted to have a baby" At this point I let out a huge sigh and Klay bursts out laughing. He says I am no longer allowed to watch any of his shows because apparently the fates (or whatever) are out to get me and he is tired of all shows, commercials, and everything else being about babies, as it seems to be when I am around. At least now I dont feel so crazy, I thought it was just me imagining things! Sometimes you just have to laugh about things...


Crystal said...

I hate tv sometimes.

I tagged you. :)