Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Blog for the sake of Blogging

I should blog...I want to blog...but what should I blog about. Should I blog about life? Life is life. Nothing really exciting going on here. I know I have been blogging about trying to have a baby, nothing really new there. My body doesnt work, we finally think we figured out why, we are treating that, meaning I am taking all these confusing pills, some make me sick, some make me moody, some are just vitamins, hopefully it will pay off. I am at peace with it. I am annoyed at the emails I get from the teenagers who had a baby before they got married telling me how I just need to relax and just have sex all the time. Or how to tell when I am "ready!" Gee thanks know me, I'm so dumb and clueless I didnt know how it all worked. Ugh! I just smile/grimmace and nod. Its annoying. People are annoying. Not being pregnant is not stressing me out (yet) not ovulating is! No amount of "relaxing" is going to make my body magically start working! No amount of "setting the mood" and "having a little drink" is going to "fix me!" Anyway, I am digressing since I wasnt going to blog about that but venting is helpful. I am not stressed not matter how it seems. I know God's Plan and God's Timing is perfect and whatever happens is in His Will. I am good with that.

I get to host a Baby Shower this weekend (for one of the teenage moms) that should be fun. I'm actually looking forward to it, I love making party foods and decorating. And I plan to have a good time no matter how many times I get asked "When are you going to have a baby" or "Its your turn next" or such things.

My Dad's 50th birthday is this weekend so I plan to have my parents and little brother over for dinner. Not sure what I am fixing, I am thinking a Shepherd's Pie sounds pretty good, and a German Chocolate Cake. I am fibbing a little, telling them its from scratch when the cake is a mix...sshhh...the frosting will be scratch though and you cant tell the difference if you buy a good mix!

So thats life, whatever it may be. Fun stuff huh?


Jazzy said...

it's amazing the challenges life brings, but we have to hang in there.

nice blog.

Crystal said...

Don't you know it's all about a formula. You have to drink a gallon of robitussin while singing the Star Spangled Banner backwards, standing on your head. On CD 14. As you relax.

Yeah, that works. Good luck.