Monday, August 13, 2007


I need advice....

Due to my lack of contact care and the desire to be "different" I am going to go back to glasses (until I get bored or want to do something very active). Any "tips" on how to pick some cool ones? Everyone who wears glasses have these nifty looking ones and I always look frumpy and geeky. Help me pick some cool ones.

Also...I love wearing sunglasses cause the sun hurts my eyes. How much do prescription sunglasses cost? Are they "worth it"? Or do I just suck it up? Maybe I am being swayed by the fact that its very sunny and 106degrees so I feel I must have sunglasses.

BTW..I have until Monday to decide. Feel free to post links of glasses that you think would look good on little ole me. I wonder if Klay would strangle me if I picked out pink ones???


Crystal said...

I have simple small wire frames. I got them with some prescription sunglasses a few years ago.

If you watch for sales, places usually have good ones. Buy one get one free and other things like that.

Ryanne Marmaro said...

Oooh, I love glasses. I have a couple pairs of funky frames, maybe I'll take a picture of them.

Personally, if I was to only wear glasses I would *have* to have prescription sunglasses. I've become to accustomed to wearing them that the sun kills my eyes, although I have heard that contacts make you more sensitive to the light so maybe I wouldn't need them as much.

Anyway, my only tip is to not go alone, I always take someone with me to ensure that I don't look dorky.

Kristin said...

I actually went out and bought perscription sunglasses for the first time a few months ago and they're great (except I had to pay full price because my insurance only covers one pair). Shortly after, I discovered that those large celebrity-type sunglasses that are in style fit perfectly over my regular frames. If you like that style, you could just go that way.