Monday, July 23, 2007

A long awaited blog....

Its been a while since I have blogged. I know everyone is on the edge of their seats with anticipation on what is going on in my exciting life!!

So here is a brief run down of things...I feel very random today...probably the lack of caffeine.

Bible School...its over. It was a Wild Ride! I used to wonder why all the adults always said "whew, I'm glad its over." Even the past couple of years I wondered that. This year my old age (or the 6-7 two and three year olds) caught up with me and I found myself saying "whew, I'm glad its over." It was fun, I had a blast. The kids learned a little bit I think. It does ones heart good to hear a two year old say "GOD IS REAL!" I was proud! Plus I helped me wet my feet for babies. And reminded me to space our children out!

Caffeine...I am cutting it out of my diet. It sucks.

Babies....I want one soon.

Water...I need to drink more.

Tomatoes...I canned some and made salsa!

Furniture...I got a new (to me) couch and love to come.

Cleaning...our spare bedroom is functional again...which is good for item #3.

Scrapbooking...I want to have a party. Scrapbooking, lots of food, good friends, a clean house!

Doctors...I finally found one I like!

This was an odd post. But thats okay. I'm an odd kinda girl. Leave me lots of comments...they are fun!! Everyone should smile today. I wish I had some M&Ms. Is it time to go home yet? See what I mean about the randomness?


Jessica Morris said...

Ohhhh I will come to a scrapbooking party! Sounds like FUN!!