Monday, March 28, 2011

I should blog, I bet y'all miss me.  But I'm tired.  And feel gross, and unmotivated.  But that's ok, those are good things right now. 

I should have pictures of Baby R V1.2 on Thursday.  Of course he or she (I really think he) will just look like a gummy bear, but that's

So to entertain you in the interim, here is a pic of my first gummy bear, Isaac...taken last weekend when it was all summery outside, b/c even though its nice and chilly now it will remind you of what's coming!  And for the record, that is chocolate ice cream on his face....and yes, I do bathe him occassionally.


DebbieLynne said...

Erin, did you see what I posted on my blog yesterday?

Kathryn said...

Of course you bathe him! Just like I bathe mine and then they get dirty, again. He looks like a happy, sweet boy! Good job mama!