Monday, March 7, 2011


God works in amazing ways.  Its really cool when you see His plan unfold. 

Recently I made a  new friend.  Someone I had known for a while but for some reason we started growing closer, which was rather spontaneous.  We started finding similarities that we never knew.  Funniest thing was when I first "met" this friend, I really didn't care for her much, lol. 

Then suddenly something tragic happened to her.  And she needed a friend to lean on for support.  And that friend became me.  I was honored to be chosen as her friend, but felt really outta place, I mean we hadn't known each other long. 

But its interesting to see, how God knew all along she would need someone.  She would need me.  Not that I am anything special, no way, I feel rather inadequate as her "support".  But, God started this long before we either one knew WHY she would need me. 

I am also going through a struggle, a different struggle from her, but know what?  I need HER.  It wonderful to be able to chat with her, to vent, to complain, to cry, to be hopeful. 

Please pray for my friend and for me. 


Claire said...

Prayers being sent.


DebbieLynne said...

I'm happy that God has done this for you! With great pleasure, I prayed for you both.

Elisa Rush said...

You both have my prayers!!