Thursday, December 24, 2009


Isaac is almost 17 months old and I still feel robbed of pregnancy. Last night at a family thing I could have girl is due next month and another is about 6 or 7 months. Then there were a few other moms (both girls already have kids) and they were talking about last stages of pregnancy, pre-labor signs, how long their kids were, how big they were, etc. And even though I am a fellow mom I could not participate in that convo at all. I felt so cheated. I too am a mom. I have a baby. I delivered said baby. But I am still not a part of that "club." Instead I am a member of an exclusive club that no one understands. I wanted to just run out of the room and cry, you'd think I'd be over it by now huh?


Claire said...

That sound so tough, honey. You are such a brave and inspiring soul.


Nicole said...

It's not just something for you to "Get over" Erin. It's okay to have those feelings. And it's not like you are being mean or rude to these ladies who are very pregnant. You just wish you could have had the same experiences. You know you have a baby, but yes, it would be cool if you could have been huge and 9 months pregnant!!! ;o)

Jana said...

Don't worry about feeling cheated. I felt that way for many years, and I had two full term pregnancies. It's okay. You were cheated. Time will help heal this too. In your own time.