Monday, June 22, 2009

Crafty Mama

I made some more crafties this weekend.

Here is a homemade version of the Moby Wrap, I call it a Mommy Wrap! I made this for a cousin, not for us, Isaac is just modeling it...see how he likes it?

The back, see its reversible!

I also made me and Isaac one a few weeks ago. Here is us modeling our pretty blue one!

And I made a quilted tote bag this weekend. I was proud of it because I am such a pattern person and always have to follow a pattern, this one I made up on my own! Its for my cousin to carry her laptop in when she goes back to school in the fall!

I also got crafty with my house and finally painted my dining room...well 3/4 of it anyway.

Here is our dining room before we moved in.

Here is is now. Sorry about the mess and blue painters tape...the paint was still wet when I took this. Klay is hanging the curtains this morning and we are shampooing the carpet and then moving everything back so we can paint the other wall. Much better than paneling! I can't wait to get my pictures and stuff hung!


Bethany said...

You are awesome at sewing!! I love the tote bag, especially. And the room looks SO much better with the paneling painted a lighter color.

Claire said...

You're a crafting inspiration! I so need to get some projects on the go after my move.


Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the room all finished!!
You've done a great job with your craft projects. You know you could add a button, you know those buttons that are on duffle coats, those big wooden ones, to that bag you made so that its closed up a little too. Just a thought :P

Jen said...

your one crafty lady!
The purse is super cute too, I kinda like the idea Nicole had adding one those big brown buttons.
The room looks great!!