Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've always been "good" thats what everyone expects. Thats why no one notices. Fun huh? Maybe I should have been a wild child, then I'd get more recognition for being "good". I'm crabby today, I feel like crying, I think I"ll blame it on the hormones...sounds like a good out to me.

On a positive note...Taco Bell's frozen fruit things are good for pregnant ladies on hot days. Me like.

I'm glad for a three day weekend.

I planted my garden a few days ago, three of my pepper plants died already, but thats okay, I had too many and felt guilty for not planting them, so now I have just the right amount. I need to plant my cucumbers and okra. I want to plant an eggplant too, though everytime I ate it I hate it, but it looks so darn pretty. Maybe it would grill nicely.

My friend is getting married, on Oct 25. I get to be a bridesmaid, should be interesting (FYI...I'm due Oct 17.) I'm really very happy for her though. October will be a fun month.

I want a nap. Or chocolate ice cream, or both would do.

19 weeks pregnant today. We'll find out Isaac or Lizzie on June 3.