Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Had a productive weekend, I"ll blog about that later, but the most productive thing is that the room formerly known as "the blue room" is now officially "the baby's room". It is all cleaned out and furniture built and in place.


The futon stays (it will be recovered) and the coats are now in storage in the closet, at the time I took the pic, the crib boxes were leaned against the closet door.

The furniture and the 'set up'

Yes, thats a baby doll, its my "practice baby" for the animals. I always hold and talk to the baby so the dog will get adjusted.

Inpiration piece (IF its a boy...again, DO NOT laugh next week if we find otherwise...the hormones will kick in and you will regret it...or else I'll cry)

Okay, for some reason my pics are too big and they are getting chopped off, I am too lazy to mess with fixing them. But you get the idea, and most everyone knows how to find my facebook, or myspace, and they are also on the forums so...if you really want to see the other half of the pics you know where to look! =)