Monday, April 7, 2008

2nd Dr Appt. Update

I'm back from my dr appt.

**Heard baby's heartbeat, in the 160s.

**My BP was a little high, its never been high before, but for now we attributed it to stress over the gallbladder issue.

**She said my gall bladder didnt look real good, but there were no stones so we are going to wait until after the baby comes and then do further tests. I prefer that. She said if it gets really bad we'll just tough it out and treat me for the pain. Then about 12 weeks post-partum she'll order some new tests, they are nuclear so we cant do them now anyway.

**I have lost 2 lbs. But I think my belly is bigger, I have new stretch marks ( I had a bunch before due to rapid weight gain after I stopped BC Pills due to PCOS).

**Next time I'll have my blood work done, then schedule my big ultrasound, the one we get done 4D and have a DVD of it and fine out if its Isaac or Elizabeth in there!


Crystal said...

Ouch! My dad had massive gallbladder attacks for a few years before having it out. He was soo sick. Said it was the worst pain in his life. His female co-workers who have had gallbladder attacks told him they're worse than labor.

So there you go. You're one step ahead of labor pains already. ;)

Da Bee's Knees said...

Eagerly awaiting baby bump pics!

Nicole said...

Hey Erin, Just letting you know I started my own blog :o)

Chelsea Rae said...

I tagged you!!