Monday, August 27, 2007


I had an excellent weekend.

Saturday I awoke way too early because it was raining. A very foreign sound to me these days. Then I decided since I am up I am up and I will start cleaning. I vacuumed and shampooed the living room floor. Then went to drag Klay out of bed to help, but instead fell asleep until 11:30, when I was woke up by a telemarketer, we didn't answer but she left an entire message in Spanish on the machine. So then I was up, for good this time since my house was horribly dirty and my inlaws were coming over. Mother in law, Father in law, Sister in law, Brother in law, Grandmother in law. ..the whole gang! Yikes!! Not a day to sleep in!!

So we ate fried Spam and Mac and Cheese and began "the flight of the Bumblebee" as Klay likes to call our cleaning sprees! My house is now very neat and clean..floors mopped, bathroom scrubbed, stove moderately clean, kitchen table actually cleaned off to a useable state, counters clean...its rather nice. I'm going to see if I can keep it that way, for at least a week!

I cooked a dinner consisting of a salad, breadsticks, stuffed manicotti, and red velvet cake. It was very yummy if I might say so myself! We had a nice evening, the dog didn't even bark too much and the cat stayed off the countertops!

Sunday, we actually made it to Sunday School, only 15 minutes late! We then bummed food from Mother in law. Visited my parents a little bit, then I went to the movies with Mother and Grandmother in law. We went to see "September Dawn". It is about the Mountain Meadows Massacre. You can Google that for more information. To put it very basic, the Mormoms killed everyone in the wagon train that was from Arkansas/Missouri (with the exception of the very tiny children). It was a very good movie. Too bad it will be oppressed since it might offend someone. I'd like to blog some more on that whole thing , but I might later, my mind is not 100% here at the moment and it would be an incoherent mess of offenses and generalizations, I'm sure.

Sunday night we feasted on Arbys (their Italian Sub sandwiches are pretty good). And watched "The Hulk". It was awful. They ruined what could have been a semi-entertaining story. Yes, I know its been out for a while but I am behind the times and have never seen it. The CGI was awful. The weird camera angle, split screen shots was dumb. I was very disappointed.

Up early this AM, for a doctors appointment. For those of you who know whats going on...I am now on drugs that are guaranteed to make me an emotional wreck but hopefully will give the desired end result. So please have pity on me in the coming week. As well as have pity on Klay for putting up with me!

Now to catch up...its a full moon tomorrow and its starting early. You may find this an old wives tale but trust me, it DOES make a difference!


Crystal said...

Yeah, the hulk sucked.

Amber said...

Time for a new blog entry! I've tagged you. :-)

Sarah said...

I tagged you

Crystal said...

Oh wheeeere oh wheeeeere did Erin go?? Oh where oh where could she be?